Our Mission

The HeArt Touch Charity Foundation is a Hong Kong registered charity formed by a group of professional artists and arts volunteers committed to promoting access to art by the underprivileged.

We believe that art can enlighten the depressive situation of the less fortunate, be they economically deprived, emotionally disturbed, or physically/mentally handicapped, and empower them with a positive life attitude. We also believe that art education plays a vital role in whole person development and should be accessible to all regardless of their social or economic well being.

Through collaboration with established social services agencies, our team of professionals and amateurs experienced in various art forms will organize and conduct educational programmes covering the following areas for the underprivileged:

All programmes can be customized to fulfill the special needs of target groups of different ages or levels.

Chairman's Message

Fanny Wong

Hong Kong is an affluent society. But the reality is that a sizable population is living in urban poverty or faces other challenges that undermine their minds, bodies and hopes.

As an artist, I have been trying to share life's blessings with the less fortunate in an artistic way for some years. Over time, I realized that by bringing art to the underprivileged, I could help enrich their lives, inspire hope in the communities where they live and improve the future of those communities. I also realized that I need committed and able partners to implement this work in an effective and sustainable manner.

In 2009, I founded The HeArt Touch Charity Foundation to advance arts education for the underprivileged. My original idea of sharing has now developed into a deep conviction. The mission, however, remains the same…improving the lives of the needy and offering them the best chance of a bright future.

We welcome you to join us in this meaningful work as partner, co-sponsor or volunteer

Fanny P. Y. Wong
Founder and Chairman

Our Team

Founder and Chairman

Fanny P.Y. Wong

Primary Position
- Founder and Chairman of the Heart Touch Charity Foundation
- Watercolor Painting Course Organizer and Instructor of SCE, Hong Kong Baptist University
Professional Member
- Member of Chinese Artists Association
- Standing director of Association of Overseas Chinese Artists
- Founding member of Xiang Gang Mei Xie
- Member of China's opera Figure Painting Institute
Public Service
- Honorable Director of Hong Kong Baptist University Foundation
- Advisor of Hong Kong Baptist University International College Advisory Panel
- Honorable Consultant of The Hong Kong Society for the Deaf
- Consultant, Kindergarten RC, Education Bureau

May M.C. Wong

Honorable Vice Chairman

Mr. Cheong Pui Kuong

Management Directors

Ms. Fanny P.Y. Wong
Ms. May M.C. Wong
Dr. Cindy Cheung
Ms. Cheng Mi Kuen (Solicitor)
Ms. Cora Wong

Company Secretary

William Wong

Programme Director (Chinese Painting and Calligraphy)

May M.C. Wong

Programme Director (Western Painting)

David Ng

Programme Director (Cantonese Opera)

Fanny Wong

Programme Director (Living Arts and Language)

Grace Chan